Candidate for President: Collin Walter
Candidate for Executive Vice President: Nina Kalantar
Campaign Workers List

yourNortheastern: Hostert & Balcom

Candidate for President: Nathan Hostert
Candidate for Executive Vice President: Dylan Balcom
Campaign Workers List

Formal Agreements:

Formal Agreements are approved with 2/3 majority vote of Elections Committee members present for the 2018 Candidates Briefing held on Monday, February 26th.
The following Formal Agreements were approved:


Per the Direct Elections Manual, a Grievance may be filed by any Campaign Team, Student-at-Large, faculty member or staff member and shall be submitted to the Committee via a Grievance Form within seventy-two hours of the alleged violation.

A Grievance is defined in Appendix B of the Direct Elections Manual as "An allegation that a Candidate, a Slate, a Slate’s Campaign Worker(s), or a Campaign Team have violated the Manual".

Grievance Forms should be submitted to Elections Chair Ballard at Ballard.k@husky.neu.edu and the Elections Committee at NUSGAElections@gmail.com, or to the SGA Office in 332 Curry Student Center.