Club and Organization Resources

SGA enjoys collaborating and supporting the many different clubs and organizations at Northeastern University. Here are some resources for clubs and organizations and for students interested in creating new clubs and organizations.

Student Activity Fee Funding

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) Fund is a pool of money that is paid into by all undergraduate students with the purpose of being allocated out to all the student organizations. Learn more and learn how to request funding for your club or organization here.

Special Interest Senators

The Senate is the legislative branch of the Association. The Senate has several responsibilities, including representing the voice of the student body, recommending to the University President legislation for approval or rejection, and approving the Association budget.Learn more about the Senate and how to become a special interest senator for your organization here.

Student Involvement Board

The Student Involvement Board is the official liaison to organizations for the Student Government Association. The Board advises the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement in all matters pertaining to student organizations.The Board also performs student organization office space allocations and provides oversight of the Finance Board regarding student organization budget allocations. Learn how SIB can help your club and organization here.

Starting an Organization - Center for Student Involvement

To review the steps for creating a new student group on campus, please visit Northeastern University's Center for Student Involvement website here.