Snell Bathroom Renovations

One topic that SGA had received consistent feedback about were the Snell bathrooms. Current student body president, Chris Brown, heard this feedback and made this a focus of his as he was serving as Vice President of Academic Affairs last year. Chris Brown and the academic affairs committee brought the idea up in collaboration with the Library Student Advisory Board and Snell Library staff. These groups especially pushed this idea during Snell Library’s fourth floor renovation. A tipping point for getting their idea and initiative in action was when the Board of Trustees visited the finishing renovations of the fourth floor and some of the members visited the bathrooms in the building. The Board soon following approved funding for bathroom renovations. The bathroom renovations should be completed shortly in this Fall semester.

More Plotter Printers

CAMD students have consistently brought up the issue of the number of plotter printers available to them. Student Body President Chris Brown began working on this initiative last year in his position of Vice President of Academic Affairs and continued his efforts this past summer. He worked to bring this issue up with the right people to hopefully obtain more resources for the CAMD students, specifically the Architecture students, who were asking for them. Chris Brown worked with Associate Dean Andrea Raynor and Director Kelly Zona for several months who agreed to buy 5 new potter printers in total for CAMD students. The School of Architecture bought 4 additional plotter printers which will be in the architecture studio in Ruggles Station. CAMD bought 1 more plotter printer which will be located in Ryder Hall 305A. Chris Brown and SGA are proud to represent and work for students of all colleges at Northeastern, and in this instance work specifically for CAMD students and help provide them with the resources and equipment they need.

Changes to Meal Plan System

SGA has worked to change the pricing and plan details for meal plans on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year. Fall 2019 meal plans will now be available in four formats: seven meals a week, twelve meals a week, seventeen meals a week and an unlimited option. Click here to read more. Integration Initiative

The Student Affairs Committee launched an initiative to focus on the improvement of student integration on campus. To promote this initiative, the Student Affairs Committee held two main events throughout the semester: tabling sessions and a reunion brunch. Read more this initiative here.

Northeastern Votes

The Elections Committee worked this year with a focus on civic engagement beyond our Boston bubble, hence: Northeastern Votes. This coalition of clubs on campus was established nearly a decade ago with the intent to increase voter registration and education of the United States electoral process. Read about the efforts by the Elections Committee in regards to Northeastern Votes here.

Block pARTy

Block pARTy was a daylong event celebrating student artwork on campus with SGA partnering with over 20 art groups to give them space in Curry throughout the day on October 17, 2017. This event allowed SGA and the Student Affairs Committee to spread awareness about some of the incredible student art groups on campus, whose work far too often does not get the recognition it deserves.

Title IX Policy Change

After three years of advocating for policy changes and collaborating with change-seeking administrators, organizers, and students, SGA and other groups of the Northeastern community are delighted to announce that the old hearing process has been replaced with an investigative model and will go into effect for the Fall 2017 Semester. We are proud of the work of so many driven individuals and groups to make Northeastern a safer place for survivors of sexual violence. Read the release here.