Campus Safety Dialogue


The Campus Safety Dialogue is a monthly meeting between Northeastern students and NUPD to discuss all aspects of campus safety from recent events to residence hall life. This initiative is critical, as it creates an open dialogue between students and their concerns to the senior members of NUPD who can either respond on the spot or get back to them within a week. This was an important initiative as it used to much harder to get a response from NUPD regarding issues relevant to the day to day life of students. Now it is much easier because students are now able to ask questions and get answers in an appropriate time frame. Another reason this initiative is necessary is that it allows students to give feedback to NUPD to ensure that every student feels safe on campus.

The long process of implementing the Campus Safety Dialogue was initially spearheaded by the former Vice President for Student Services and current Executive Vice President Paulina Ruiz. EVP Ruiz started this process by first reaching out to NUPD early in the spring of 2017 to try to set up a meeting with Deputy Chief Galindo to discuss the initiative. Eventually, Deputy Chief Galindo and EVP Ruiz decided on the name and agreed to move forward on a temporary basis for the rest of the school year in 2017. When the current Vice President for Student Services, Sahil Kadakia, began his tenure in May, it was his role to ensure that this became a permanent meeting that took place every month. Since then, he has been successful in implementing this initiative throughout the fall 2017 semester. This will have an impact on all members of the Northeastern Community, as every student should feel safe on this campus. As attendance at these meetings increases, it will allow this Student Government to improve its advocacy for students as it relates to public safety.

Kadakia writes, “Personally, I believe that Campus Safety Dialogue is one of the important aspects of my role as VP of Student Services. I believe that this has the potential to help the Northeastern Community feel safer on campus and help students voice their concerns. NUPD would love to see more students attend Campus Safety Dialogue and have a conversation about aspects of campus safety that are concerning to them so NUPD can help make them feel safe. To me, this is one of my most impactful aspects of my role and I cannot wait to see what how it grows during my time as Vice President of Student Services. If you have any questions regarding this or when we meet, please reach out to me via email at”