Rainbow Flag Raising

OUTober Flag Raising.png

For the second consecutive year, Northeastern's Student Body President partnered with the LGBTQA Resource Center to raise the Rainbow Flag on Centennial Commons to celebrate OUTober. This was important to make a student commitment on behalf of SGA to celebrate the identity of so many Huskies. President Suchira Sharma worked with the Office of Student Affairs and the Center for Student Involvement to book the space and to secure approval for the flag to be raised all month. She also planned the event from the perspective of ordering catering, etc. She says that her, “…favorite part of this event and planning it was seeing the student reaction to it. So many students were posting about the pride they felt to see their identity being celebrated on campus. At the end of the day, I think that's what SGA does: ensure that each student on this campus feels a sense of belonging + acceptance, whether it be through revising academic policy, or holding events like these.”

SGA still has work to do to ensure that Northeastern becomes an environment that not only represents students from various identities and backgrounds, but celebrates them. While this is a small step, there is so much hope and comfort that comes from intentional visibility.

The following are President Sharma’s remarks from the event: 

"Good morning everyone, and welcome to Northeastern’s First Annual Rainbow Flag Raising ceremony.

My name is Suchira, and I serve as your Student Body President. For two years now, your Student Government has partnered with the LGBTQA Resource Center to raise a rainbow flag celebrating pride during the wonderful month of OUTober.

Today, we are so happy to do just the same.

Your Student Government believes that identity ought to be celebrated. It believes that by bringing people together at events like this, Northeastern moves one step closer to making its promises of diversity and inclusion attainable.

I would like to point out three main differences between this year’s raising and last. We have a new flag this year that we are so excited about. We have a ceremony marking the beginning of OUTober. And - the flag will remain up all month this year.

These changes represent a constant evolution of the work that we do at Northeastern to make this an environment to celebrate the identity of all students. I am so proud of the work of our students and our centers today. Thank you all for being here. Happy OUTober."