October Monthly Initiative '17

The October Monthly Initiative focused on promoting community at Northeastern. The two major components of this initiative included organizing the block pARTy event and gathering feedback.

The first way we promoted community was by hosting SGA's first annual block pARTy event, which celebrated student artwork on campus. SGA partnered with over 20 art groups to give them space in Curry throughout the day on October 17 to table, host workshops, perform, and recruit new members. The event was a success, and it was a great first step toward ensuring that arts groups get the recognition they deserve.

We also gathered feedback on community at Northeastern via a survey focusing on various aspects of student life at Northeastern. We advertised the survey by spreading it on social media and tabling, and the data we collected will be crucial to driving projects in the Student Affairs Committee—which include improving the on-campus transition of NUin students, creating a Community Asset Map to encourage community engagement, and revising the Code of Student Conduct.


Check out the October Monthly Initiative presentation here, or by reading below!