Trayless Dining


In the summer of 2016, SGA partnered with RSA to implement the Trayless Dining Initiative. The goal was to make Northeastern a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus. Studies have shown that removing trays from dining halls can reduce food waste in excess of 30%. When representatives from the two student groups pitched the idea to Northeastern Dining, they were met with excitement and support. The next appropriate step was to garner student feedback to determine whether or not students would support this initiative.

Thus, members of SGA and RSA surveyed hundreds of students in the dining halls during the spring of 2017. The results from these surveys heavily suggested that the majority of students were in favor of removing trays from the dining halls. This information was presented to Northeastern Dining, and their support behind this initiative immediately led to action. The summer of 2017 was spent producing promotional materials for the initiative to be officially rolled out in the fall of that year. A pilot program was implemented in the International Village Dining Hall during the summer Orientation sessions. The program is now fully implemented as of September 2017.

This initiative highlights SGA’s past and continued dedication to improving Northeastern’s sustainable practices. If you have questions, comments, or recommendations on this initiative, please reach out to us!