December/January Monthly Initiative '18

The monthly initiative for December and January focused on the theme of student involvement. By gathering feedback on key information relevant to event attendance, event variety, and overall satisfaction with events, the Finance Board was able to obtain a better understanding of the desires and needs of the Student Body. With over 400 different student organizations at Northeastern University, the Finance Board makes funding decisions that emphasize collaboration, which directly promotes campus unity and high quality events. After synthesizing all the data that was gathered, it became evident to the Finance Board that having a central source to view all the upcoming events on campus was a huge priority for Student Body. This would allow more students to become aware of opportunities to get involved in whatever capacity they desired. Furthermore, it was clear that events could be marketed online much more efficiently. The Finance Board will also be revising the SAF manual to provide more funding for marketing materials, both physical and digital. Improving this area would, of course, require collaboration between SGA and student organizations.


Meanwhile, the Student Involvement Board took several steps to assess and respond to the desires of the Student Body and its organizations as they concern club engagement on campus. The most obvious example of this was through the monthly initiative survey circulated among students and the organizations to which they belong. Other avenues included updating the template constitution off of which all organizations base their governing documents in order to clarify some things and smooth the process of receiving official recognition; creating a flowchart detailing all the steps required in order to gain tentative and official recognition; and responding to student concerns brought up by groups en masse and/or regularly by organizations. All of these culminated in a better understanding of how, for example, students want to be informed of new clubs, or what could better encourage collaboration among groups. With all the data collected, the Student Involvement Board is better able to understand the priorities of the student body and move forward with those action items in mind.


Data collected through this monthly initiative has been tremendously helpful for the Finance Board, the Student Involvement Board, and the Student Government Association to understand the needs of the Student Body as they relate to student involvement on campus. In the next few months, board members and other relevant parties will be working to resolve the issues brought up and make for a richer, more involved environment at Northeastern.

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