Snell Vending Machine Changes

Student Services Committee has partnered with Dining to offer more healthy options in Snell Library Vending Machines. Student Services worked with dining to identify seldom purchased products and replace them with some of students favorite healthy options.

The committee added a variety of new products to the vending machines including banana chips and peanut butter, protein bars, and sweet potato chips. These snacks were selected by committee members as being things that students have talked about or like. “We are really excited to offer more variety to students. Students have healthy choices across campus and we think the vending machines should be no exception” said Emma Reed (Incoming VP of Student Services) Northeastern has taken healthy eating very seriously recently with dining halls emphasizing sustainable and healthy eating and offering more variety for students.

Students across campus have often talked about the limited options for food available to students late at night. Vending machines are often the only food options available on campus late at night. Therefore, making vending machines have more variety is important to helping students have choices no matter the time of day. Student Services thought that offering more filling and healthy options to students in the vending machines would be the next step in making Northeastern a place where healthy choices are more convenient. “We are using the third floor vending machines as our pilot, but are hoping to expand to vending machines across campus in the future,” said Sahil Kadakia (Current VP of Student Services). Be sure to check out the new options in the third floor vending machines!