N.U.in Integration Initiative

This semester the Student Affairs Committee placed a large focus on the improvement of N.U.in student integration on campus. With the help of newly-arrived N.U.in students, the committee launched an initiative to focus on improving the campus transition for N.U.in students and bringing together students who spent their first semester abroad. Committee members held meetings with various offices, including the Office of New Student Orientation and the N.U.in office, to discuss possible ideas. To promote this initiative, the Student Affairs Committee held two main events throughout the semester: tabling sessions and a reunion brunch.

The committee tabled for N.U.in students on the 7th and 8th of February in the lobbies of the Stetson East and International Village residence halls. The purpose of the tabling sessions was to hand out resources for newly-arrived N.U.in students that they might useful. These included guides to printing on campus, campus maps, schedules for dining halls, and maps of printer locations. After collecting information from SGA's Monthly Initiative Surveys and getting feedback from N.U.in students, the committee created booths where N.U.in students could ask any questions about student life that they had in their first few weeks on campus. Tabling also allowed the committee to gather useful information on what N.U.in students thought of their transition and what they think should be changed for next year. 

To further the N.U.in integration project, the Student Affairs Committee also organized a "Reunion Brunch" for N.U.in students on the 8th of April. SGA was able to close off the entirety of International Village for N.U.in students to reunite with students from their trips, as well as meet with students from other N.U.in locations. The committee collaborated with the Resident Student Association to have fun programs during the brunch. In addition, the committee utilized the brunch to gather more useful feedback about N.U.instudents' experiences in transitioning to life on campus, which was brought to the N.U.in office, and helped spur discussions on the creation of a "N.U.in Integration Task Force" amongst campus offices and student groups to address this issue. The event was very successful and the Student Affairs Committee look forward to continuing the initiative next year!