The Student Involvement Board Worked with 66 Campus Groups During the Year

The Student Involvement Board has had a very successful past year, working with student organizations and the Center for Student Involvement to not only continue assisting groups before and after recognition but also to reflect on how we operate and how we can improve those processes to better serve the student body. In addition, several changes have come about through Northeastern's administration that SIB is eager to partner with and see how our skills can best be put to use.

To start off with a few statistics, SIB has directly worked with 66 tentative or officially groups over the past year, and this number doesn't even count the numerous other groups that have worked on small projects with the Board or who have come through the Board for conflict resolution. Of those 66 groups, a majority of them had to deal with recognition, and an overwhelming majority of that subset were approved, allowing these groups to bring their ideas, goals, and programs to Northeastern. Most of the other groups had to deal with constitution amendments, and SIB worked with those clubs to make sure that they could make the right changes to keep their organizations running smoothly. For some other numbers, the Board kept its full roster of 13 members for almost the entirety of the year, and it is poised to start the next academic year with a strong foundation of experience and energy,

Of the notable projects that the Board has undertaken during the past year, there was the exit survey for groups going through the recognition process; the Involvement monthly initiative sponsored by SGA that helped acquire a good deal of valuable information relating to student groups; updates to the governing documents that detail our rules and procedures; and new abilities to actively investigate reports of offenses or complaints by organizations. All of these projects were initiated with the goal of improving students' experiences in how they dealt with the groups they chose to partake in, and the results of this work have already begun to show the fruits of this labor.

Looking forward, the Board is looking to capitalize on its recent successes and continue that momentum in the future. Specifically, there are three places where SIB feels that it can be of service. First is the new proposed system for recognizing student groups at Northeastern. While all the details have not yet been hammered out, the Board knows that it will still play a significant part in what this procedure will look like, and the Chair and members will do everything possible to make sure that none of the changes negatively impact the student body. Secondly, with the start of regular, quarterly meetings between CSI and SGA/SIB, the Board hopes to be able to more proactively and quickly act on the needs and suggestions of student organizations. This relationship will likely yield important dividends in the form of an administration that is more attuned to what students really want and need. Lastly, the Board will be working internally to improve its transparency and make sure that students understand what's happening when they come to work with us. Every experience that groups have with us should be easy to understand and easy to come to a resolution.

After a good year, the Student Involvement Board members know that they have a high bar to measure themselves again for next year, but they feel up to the challenge. We all look forward to working with you to improve the sphere of student involvement at Northeastern!

-Brian Hamp, VP for Student Involvement