Student Services Works to Provide Recycling Bins in Every On-Campus Apartment

Over the past few months, Northeastern SGA’s Student Services committee has worked with the director of residential life, Brie McCormick in order to put a recycling bin in every on-campus apartment. After one conversation with Brie, she was on board with our initiative and worked with other members of residential life and facilities to bring this to campus starting Fall 2018. Each recycling bin will be accounted for and each student in the apartment will be responsible for ensuring the recycling bin is there when they move out which is the same way they would be responsible for a bed frame or a table. The way this would be done would be the recycling bin being put in on the “check in” sheet that is signed by both RA who inspects the room before the student moves in and the student when they move into the room. By making students responsible for the bins, it reduces the likelihood that the bins will be stolen which will hopefully help drive more students to recycle.

In order to get this project done, we reached out to Brie in early November to discuss it hoping for a Fall 2018 rollout but thinking it would take a lot of convincing. However, she was immediately on board which allowed us to talk next steps in the meeting which is “how will students know about this.” This led us to come up with a social media campaign which will roll out during late August and early September informing students of this initiative. We also hope to encourage RA’s to have bulletin boards with information on the proper way to recycle. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to reach out to the VP of Student Service, Sahil Kadakia at