2018 Student Body Direct Elections

The chief role of the Elections Committee is to administer the annual Student Body Direct Election.  We began this task by revising the Direct Elections Manual, the document that governs the election itself, and then moved on to planning and facilitating events and monitoring the Election Period.  

With a team of eleven members, we set the guidelines for the election and checked to ensure all Candidates were eligible, and then promptly moved into the Election Period with two official Slates.  During this time, we also oversaw the Referenda submission process, in which twenty-three proposed Referenda questions were submitted to be placed on the ballot.  We held a Town Hall in which Referenda sponsors explained their submissions and answered audience questions, and then moved into the Senate-vetting and signature-collection portions of the process.  In total, four questions were placed on the 2018 ballot.

For almost two weeks, Slates and Referenda Sponsors worked to campaign to students across campus.  During this time, the Elections Committee held a Public Debate for Candidates to participate and answer questions before the ballot went live.  We then began the Voting Period with our Elections-Kickoff event, a BBQ held in the Library Quad.  We also held a Stuffed Huskies event the following week, and tabled twice in Curry Crossroads, encouraging all undergraduate students to vote on my.Northeastern.  On Monday, March 26th, Nathan Hostert and Dylan Balcom were announced as the next Student Body President and Executive Vice President, respectively.  The results of the Referenda questions were announced after, with all four questions passing.  In total, we achieved a record-breaking voter turnout 7,921 votes, equivalent to 41.70% of the undergraduate population.

- Kathleen Ballard, Elections Chair