Co-op Manual Project Completion Report

The main goal of this project was to conduct a review of the policies outlined in both the
student and employer versions of the co-op manual. These manuals are updated every year and this year SGA wanted to make sure that student input was heard during the update process. Academic affairs wanted to make sure that all applicable student rights are outlined appropriately in both manuals. Senator Michael Kennet took on the primary responsibility of reviewing the manuals and put together a list of recommendations to bring to the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services. This review turned up several places where language could be clarified to improve clarity for students, such as highlighting statistics about the percentage of students who go on co-op. The review also raised several questions about policy which were addressed during the meeting of the Cooperative Education Office. The next step is for SGA to propose specific language about equal pay for equal work that allows for flexibility across a variety of legal jurisdictions.

- Joshua Driesman, Vice President for Academic Affairs