Budget Priorities Survey '17-'18

Your Tuition

Three months ago we made you a promise: to give you a say in the way your tuition was spent.

To everyone who took the time to fill out our Budget Priorities Survey this year, thank you. Your faith in this project’s capacity to create change allowed us to see a 25% increase in survey participation. You made this year’s results some of the most compelling and change-driven we’ve ever seen.

We’ve read through every comment on UHCS, every concern on college resources, and every free response on what makes this school home to you. Your feedback is invaluable. Thank you for sharing your vision for a better Northeastern with us.

Based on these survey results, we’ve identified four areas where student demand for change was the highest. They were:

  1. Support for Campus Centers

  2. Access of UHCS

  3. Affordability of Meal Plans

  4. College-specific resources

We’ll be presenting the results from these areas, along with our recommendations for improvement, to the University’s Senior Leadership Team, and our Senate, later this month, and we can’t wait to report back on the change that is effected from that.

Thank you for lending us your voice to guide our school forward. Thank you for believing in our student government.


Suchira Sharma, Student Body President
Paulina Ruiz, Student Body Vice President

Check out the Budget Priorities Presentation here or by looking below!