Changes to Meal Plan System

Northeastern’s Student Government Association, in coordination with Northeastern’s Dining Services and Student Affairs, has worked to amend the pricing and plan details for meal plans on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year. These changes were driven by data collected about student preferences and made possible through the work of former SGA members Tajwar Ahad, Sahil Kadakia, Suchira Sharma and Paulina Ruiz, as well as continued work by President Dylan Balcom and Vice-President for Student Services Emma Reed.

“The old system very much modeled a commuter school and we’re happy that the university is receptive to remodeling the meal plan system to better accommodate students and guarantee a better on-campus experience,” President Balcom explained. “We are thankful to Dining Services for being so receptive to student feedback and for their continued collaboration with our members and committees.”

Fall 2019 meal plans will now be available in four formats: seven meals a week, twelve meals a week, seventeen meals a week and an unlimited option. Amendments have also been made to the manner in which dining dollars are more appropriately allocated per meal plan, as well as the window during which students are able to change their plan, which has now been extended to two weeks.