More Plotter Printers

CAMD students have consistently brought up the issue of the number of plotter printers available to them. Student Body President Chris Brown began working on this initiative last year in his position of Vice President of Academic Affairs and continued his efforts this past summer. He worked to bring this issue up with the right people to hopefully obtain more resources for the CAMD students, specifically the Architecture students, who were asking for them. Chris Brown worked with Associate Dean Andrea Raynor and Director Kelly Zona for several months who agreed to buy 5 new potter printers in total for CAMD students. The School of Architecture bought 4 additional plotter printers which will be in the architecture studio in Ruggles Station. CAMD bought 1 more plotter printer which will be located in Ryder Hall 305A. Chris Brown and SGA are proud to represent and work for students of all colleges at Northeastern, and in this instance work specifically for CAMD students and help provide them with the resources and equipment they need.