Operational Appeals Board

About the Board

The Operational Appeals Board serves as the judicial branch of the Association, charged with hearing appeals from all students regarding alleged violations of the Association’s governing documents by other SGA boards and committees. Every student has the right to file an appeal with the Parliamentarian and rest assured that the appeal will be heard without bias.

Board Chair: Karl Salvatore, Parliamentarian
Contact Email: k.salvatore@northeastern.edu
Meetings: As needed, when called by the Chair

With the Parliamentarian serving as chair, the board is comprised of a maximum of six Justices and the Student Body President as an ex-officio, non-voting member. Justices are appointed by the President, approved by the Executive Board, and confirmed by the Senate. Once confirmed, Justices have a term that lasts for their entire career as an undergraduate student at Northeastern University. The Board is governed by the Operational Appeals Board Manual, which is approved by the Senate.

Should a student wish to file an appeal with the Board, they may do so in accordance with the Board’s policy. To file an appeal, contact the Student Body President and the Parliamentarian.