Submitting a Referenda Question

The referenda process allows students to pose a question on the Spring Direct Elections ballot for the entire undergraduate student body to vote on. In order for a question to be placed on the ballot, it must be submitted using the Referenda Submission Form on OrgSync by Monday, March 11th at midnight. Cabinet will vet submissions Thursday, March 14th, and Senate will vet questions Monday, March 18th, if more than 5 submission are received. Once approved, referenda sponsors will have to collect 750 signatures by April 1st by the end of the day.

For more information regarding referenda questions, please consult Article V, Section E of SGA’s Bylaws.


Monday, March 11th at midnight – Submissions due on OrgSync

Thursday, March 14th – Cabinet will vet submissions

Monday, March 18th – Senate will vet the referenda questions, if needed

March 14th or March 18th - Signature collection begins based on if Senate needs to vet questions

Monday, April 1st – 750 Signatures due