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General Information

All clubs on campus have two accounts: cash accounts and budget accounts. The cash account is the "savings account" of the club and is where money raised through fundraising is held. The budget account is where funds go when they are allocated by the Finance Board; each organization has a budget index number that corresponds to the budget line items and budget requests submitted by organizations.

Budget requests come out of the SAF Fund, which is a pool of money that is paid into by all undergraduate students with the purpose of being allocated out to all the student organizations. From the fund, organizations are able to make 4 budget requests per fiscal year. This is all done through the online platform OrgSync.

Budget requests are granted based on the principles and guidelines outlined in the SAF Manual. All budget requests should adhere to the policies outlined in the Manual, and all groups should read this document in its entirety to understand the rules and procedures of SAF budget requests. In order to be eligible for funding for budget requests, student organizations must have a member of their executive board attend the in-person Finance Board Workshops or complete the online Finance Board Webinar to demonstrate an understanding of the SAF Manual.

Finance Board Webinar

The Finance Board Webinar is available on Blackboard. Once on Blackboard, go to the community tab, search “Student Government Association Finance Board” and join that community. Then in the “documents” section, you will see the link for the Finance Board Webinar. Please complete the Finance Board Webinar before your specific deadlines and please email the Finance Board a confirmation of a passing score for our records.

Budget Requests

All SAF requests must be submitted via the OrgSync Budget Request system, which can be accessed on

For a request to be considered complete, the following MUST be submitted to the Finance Board on time via OrgSync:

  • Approval from your CSI Program Manager;

  • A completed OrgSync Budget Request;

  • Completed Submission Form with previous event information;

  • All line items necessary for the event; and

  • TWO comparable quotes for ALL items requested (uploaded as an attachment to the Orgsync Budget request).

Quotes Example 1 (PDF)
Quotes Example 2 (Excel)

Event Changes and Reallocations

All Event Change forms and Reallocation Requests may now be submitted through Forms under the Finance Board organization on OrgSync. 

The links to the forms are as follows:

Event Change:
Reallocation Request:


SAF Logo (Required for digital AND print advertisements of any SAF funded event)



If you have any other specific questions, please e-mail