Statement to the Student Body

BOSTON, November 29, 2018 — The leadership of Northeastern’s Student Government Association would like to address the article published earlier today by The Huntington News.

On November 19, 2018, during the Association’s weekly Senate meeting Nathan Hostert formally stepped down as Student Body President for personal reasons. Dylan Balcom, formerly the Association’s Executive Vice President, will be assuming the role of President per our governing documents.

That said, we would like to formally apologize to the student body. It was never our intention to operate under a veil of secrecy. Nathan’s resignation from the Association was never a secret, and was shared openly with the members of our Senate. Our hope was to offer a short period of grace to respect Nathan’s privacy and give him time to process the difficult emotions that come with stepping down from office.

Furthermore, given the unprecedented nature of this situation, it was necessary for us to read over our Constitution and Bylaws to make sure our future actions are taken in accordance with our governing documents. Our initial course of action was to evaluate the necessary next steps clearly before issuing a statement to the student body regarding both Nathan’s resignation and next steps.

Organizations like The Huntington News exist to keep us accountable, something which we understand and fully support. No governing body should operate in a vacuum or in secrecy. The Student Government Association works alongside and, more importantly, for Northeastern’s student body.

Our priorities have not changed – we are working diligently to improve the transparency of this Association, both for its members and for the student body it serves.

This time around, we have faltered and in so, failed the student body we strive to serve. As students, this is an opportunity for us to learn from our actions and grow. As leaders, this is an opportunity for us to reflect on our priorities and to remind ourselves for whom we are working.

We are happy to field any questions regarding this matter and regarding the steps we will be taking as an organization.


Media Contact:
Victoire Cointy
Executive Director of Communications, SGA