Our Laundry List

These are ideas that students like you have contributed so far to the creation of the new bill of rights. Some are broad, some are specific, but most, as you'll see are just ideas -- and that's what we're looking for! 

SGA will be first collecting broad and general feedback, listening from students, and then working on drafting a bill that is representative and intentional to its core. 


  • DACA

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Language services

  • Prompt grading

  • Religious accommodations

  • CULTURAL observances

  • Title IX, Rights for Pregnant students

  • Disability Services (ADA compliance)

  • Homework Codes, you should never have to pay to do your homework

  • Change Federal → Family in FERPA section

  • Student athlete concern: excused absences should not carry penalties for missed work.

  • Nondiscrimination Policy

  • Access to prompt + quality healthcare (especially in the area of mental health)

See something you like, or something you don't? Let us know