Student Involvement Board Updates


One of the Student Involvement Board's most prominent responsibilities is working with student organizations seeking to be fully recognized by the Center for Student Involvement. The Board also serves as the deliberative body from which tentatively recognized groups ultimately receive their recognition. Because of these two duties, the Board serves to make sure that the Northeastern community is continuously being revitalized and enriched with student groups that have the potential to positively impact the university and the surrounding area.

Over the course of the Fall 2017 semester, the Student Involvement Board has approved 13 groups total thus far, which have since entered the student organization fold on campus and started their efforts to achieve their goals. To name specific examples, the university now has three new cultural organizations, four new groups focused on mentoring and community service work, and six groups that focus on specific interest groups, whether professional or personal. Additionally, the Board has worked with a number of groups to make updates and amendments to their constitutions, to allow those groups to continue to function well in the manner they desire.

With all of these updates, it is the Board's strong hope that the student organization community at Northeastern will continue to grow and contribute to the students here. The connections that these groups foster serve to tie together the varied population of the university. Overall, they serve as an outlet for students to find and pursue their passions and gain skills and experience that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.