Homework Codes

After the demonstration of conclusive data from the 2016-2017 Budget Priorities Survey, the university’s Provost Office has been working alongside the representatives from the Student Government Association, and the Student Body President to find a long term solution for online homework platforms. The following proposal (see corresponding email + please embed) was presented to the Provost Office.

From this, the Provost Office, in conjunction with the library agreed to invest $30,000 in Ex-Librus, which is open source textbook material available to college professors when crafting courses. Additionally, they have made a commitment to run a pilot in each college using open source textbook material instead of online platforms that have monetary costs associated with them for the Fall of 2018.

The Faculty Senate has also charged its Academic Policy Committee to continue to find innovative solutions to address affordability of online homework, and other such mandatory course purchases.

SGA will continue to address this through its work with the Provost Office and Academic Affairs Committee.