In the Spring of 2017, the Association held its first ever Student Experience Town Hall. The purpose of this town hall was to provide two way facilitation between students, and upper level university administrators.

This town hall had been originally proposed as a semesterly summit on issues surrounding student advocacy. Through collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs, the proposal was adopted as a roundtable discussion that was open to the entire student body.

This first SETH had a topic surrounding community, and specifically addressed concerns around Northeastern’s recently announced expansion into Roxbury with the creation of the new Burke Street Dormitory. The panel included members from the Office of Student Affairs, NUPD, and the Office of Campus Planning and Development. SGA partnered with the Resident Student Association on this initiative.

You can read more about it here:

It’s our hope to ensure that this town hall series is one that happens at least every year and continues to bring together key stakeholders from across the university to address key student concerns.