What are the Welcome to Boston packages?

We’ve teamed up with the MBTA and Zipcar, the car-sharing network, on three thousand Welcome to Boston packages for all incoming first-year and transfer students. Each package includes the following:

  • A refillable CharlieCard

  • Information on how to use and reload the CharlieCard

  • A map of the MBTA system

  • Information on how to sign up for and use Zipcar

  • A student discount code for Zipcar

An example of the package can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Where can students find the packages?

In coordination with the Department of Housing and Residential Life, we will be placing the packages in first-year and transfer students’ rooms prior to their arrival on campus. Be sure to check for it when you first move in!

How did this partnership come about?

Student Government Association President Nathan Hostert began working with the MBTA and Zipcar back in January 2018. The goal of this collaboration is to make it easier for students to begin exploring the city of Boston, and to allow them to connect with their new community in the Greater Boston area.