This team.

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Welcome week is usually a time of absolute chaos in our office. This is my third year on cabinet, so I've seen the 332 turn from organized desks, to a place where giveaways are everywhere, and you can barely make it back to your desk without stepping on boxes, or sign up sheets. 

I'm not saying that's not a good sign -- messiness shows movement, productivity even -- indicates a much-needed lack of complacency. 

But, this year, things were different. The office was still organized when I walked in after co-op today. Our couch didn't have boxes all over it. 

I was met by Collin, our Director of Communications telling me about his next steps for working with the Office of Global Services for our semesterly Outreach event, Husky Takeover -- a first of its kind partnership for our organization. 

Kara, our Chief of Staff, told me about her plan to restart an old mentorship program, to foster inclusion throughout our senate. 

Brian still had his sign from Fall Fest on his desk, that encouraged students who couldn't find the club they were looking for, to make their own by working with our Student Involvement Board. 

Sahil was working all day on his preparing for his first Campus Safety Dialogue, the continuation of a pioneering initiative by our Student Services committee to bring NUPD administrators and students in the same room to discuss community policing practices. 

You see, I realized why things weren't the way they've always been during Welcome Week. This year, there's been something different in the air. There's been unifying commitment from our incredible cabinet and executive board, to put simply, do more. Every single individual is taking their roles to the next level, constantly asking themselves what they can do to make the lives of their peers better. 

I am so humbled to be leading such a team. Going into the office is a breath of fresh air knowing that I'm working alongside some of the most passionate + hardworking individuals at Northeastern. 

Thank you to my incredible Cabinet for making 332 always feel like home. We've got quite the year ahead of us.