Our Impact

It's hard to believe that my journey serving as your Student Body President is now coming to a close. With my last day in office on May 4th (graduation), I wanted to close the loop on our promises from last year, and where we landed on them. 

Paulina and I firmly believe that what you heard from us on the campaign trail are commitments to you, and we want to honor those in our last few days in office. 

Read more below on updates to our advocacy on the areas of Reasonable Pricing, Rights, Representation, Resources, and Relationships. For one last time, thank you for your support, and your trust. 


Suchira + Paulina


Reasonable Pricing

This year, we’ve advocated for a more affordable student experience, both inside and outside the classroom.

We’ve worked with the Provost Office and Library Services to push for change in the current administration of online homework textbooks and mandatory platforms:

  1. The university is investing $30,000 in open source material

  2. The university is running a pilot program to use open source material in place of purchased platforms in each academic college for the Fall of 2018.

We’ve also expanded the signature SGA scholarship program, awarding a record 15 incredible student leaders on campus with a $500 award for their inspiring work.



We’ve passed a new Student Bill of Academic Rights and Responsibilities with collaboration from the Faculty Senate, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of General Counsel, and the Provost Office.

For the first time in 25 years, Northeastern has expanded rights of students in the classroom and on campus.

In July of 2017, the years worth of advocacy from the Sexual Assault Response Coalition and SGA has yielded change in the Title IX policy, changing from an all-student board to a staff and student board for hearings in cases of sexual violence. 



  1. We’ve waived the four-week requirement in our Senate to attain voting rights. Now anyone who joins Senate before the semesterly deadline, has voting rights granted right away.

  2. We’ve communicated with members from the University’s Campus Planning and Development team, and Library services on the new makerspace in the basement of Snell to ensure that students will have input regarding construction of the new space.

  3. We launched the Budget Priorities Survey this year, receiving record participation based off of a novel model of stakeholder involvement + communication

  4. Our Student Affairs committee has led the charge on launching the organization’s first ever block pARTy, celebrating music and arts groups on campus.



  1. We’ve advocated for more mental health clinicians -- and have received a commitment from the administration to continue staffing at national benchmark levels. 

  2. We’ve advocated for more confidential resources on campus, and have worked alongside the Sexual Assault Response Coalition to advocate for the ViSiON Resource Center to be made more accessible + confidential.

  3. We’ve implemented Trayless Dining to increase on-campus sustainability.

  4. Our Renewable Energy Initiatives Board has gained representation from across the university and has passed legislation to increase the number of trees on campus.

  5. Our Student Affairs committee is working towards a mobile application to foster community and student group connectivity.

  6. We were able to connect with administrators who are working to make the campus more accessible, and who are committed to continuing to gather our feedback in this important area. 

  7. Our Student Involvement Board and Finance Board has created regular meetings with leadership from the Center for Student Involvement to discuss student group needs -- such as the much needed access to organization pro-cards.



  1. We marched at the Boston Pride Parade, and held the second annual rainbow flag raising ceremony -- unveiling a new flag that celebrated the diversity + intersectionality of our student body.

  2. We held regular open meetings with NUPD to discuss policing policy in and around campus.

  3. We built constant contact with campus cultural and community centers, advocating for more funding to be made available to them, which was successfully approved through the Budget Priorities process.

  4. We promoted Student Athletics, by building contact with the Student Athletics Advisory Council.

  5. We met with members of the Young Alumni Board and Young Global Leaders program to advocate for physical alumni clubs to be created around the world, connecting current, future, and past students of Northeastern.