2019-2020 Leadership Bios


Christopher Brown, President


Gabby Nobile, Executive Vice President

Gabby is a third-year Business Administration and Psychology major from White Plains, NY with a concentration in Accounting. She loves books, baking and beaches. In her time at Northeastern she has been a peer mentor for both the Explore Program and General Studies Program, as well as working for a non-profit she is very passionate about! As Executive Vice President, Gabby chairs Senate and assists the President in fulfilling his roles and responsibilities. She is always looking for ways to better serve the student body and looks forward to the upcoming year. If you have any questions, comments or complaints contact her directly at g.paesenobile@northeastern.edu


Keiler Dunbar, VP for Student Involvement

Keiler is a third-year Political Science and International Affairs Major from Wisconsin, with minors in French and Business Administration. She is also involved with the Explore Program, serving as a student leader and Northeastern University Photography Club. Keiler chairs the Student Involvement Board, which works directly with the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement to approve changes in student organization constitutions, grant final recognition to new student organizations, foster communication and collaboration among student organizations, and serve as a student-to-student organizational resource. She also provides oversight for the Finance Board regarding student organization budget allocations and works with the Center for Student Involvement to assist student organizations.Looking to contact her directly to provide feedback or ask a question? You can email her at k.dunbar@northeastern.edu


David Hope, Comptroller


Hanna Nuttall, VP for Academic Affairs

Fun Fact: “I am a quote-enthusiast!”

Fun Fact: “I am a quote-enthusiast!”

Erykah Kangbeya, VP for Student Affairs

Erykah is a third-year combined major in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in English from Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. She is often found visiting a dining hall worker she hasn’t connected with in a while, attending an event in one of our cultural centers, or engaging in a deeply reflective conversation with a fellow student about current events. As she does so, she is likely to be carrying a passion fruit bubble tea drink from one of Boston’s delicious boba stores. As Vice President of Student Affairs and committee chair, Erykah is excited to work alongside student leaders like you on initiatives designed to address all issues pertaining to student life, such as community engagement, residential and spiritual life. This goal will be accomplished through a focus on 3 pillars: Social Advocacy, An organizational Culture of Inclusion and Equity, and Community IN-Gagement. Some of our current projects include designing an NUin Peer Partnership Program, creating a task force to address intolerance on campus and kicking off the 3rd annual Block pARTy. We have a seat for you at the table, so come with an idea, a thought, or just an interest. Feel free to contact Erykah at kangbeya.e@husky.neu.edu or come by the Student Affairs Committee anytime!


Billy Opet, VP for Student Services

Billy is a second year Electrical Engineering student with a concentration in Energy Systems from Manahawkin, New Jersey. When not working on student advocacy, He can usually be found exploring the outdoors, rock climbing around Boston, or enjoying a quality pun. As Vice President of Student Services, Billy works on campus advocacy projects with the Student Services committee, as well as oversees the Sustainability Board and SGA advocacy for the Food Advisory Board. Current initiatives include improving campus sustainability, working with University Health and Counseling Services to streamline the referral process, improving student access to campus advisors, and advocating on students’ behalf with University Housing and Residential Life staff, among several others. If any of these issues interest you, if you have any questions, or if you would like to get involved, feel free to contact Billy directly at opet.w@husky.neu.edu

Fun Fact: He once hiked in a Redwoods forest in New Zealand

Fun Fact: He once hiked in a Redwoods forest in New Zealand

Cameron Woods, Executive Director of Communications

Cameron is a third-year International Affairs and Economics major from Abington, MA. He grew up in the suburbs and then took the T everyday when he went to high school in Boston, so he knows his way around Boston and how to pronounce all the Massachusetts town names correctly. He is an avid tea-drinker and would eat breakfast food for every meal if he could. As Executive Director of Communications, he manages all external communications for SGA including press relations, and all of SGA’s social media accounts and content. He works closely with the Executive Director of Events for planning SGA events and as co-chair of the Communications and Events Committee. Looking to contact him directly to provide feedback or ask a question? You can email him at c.woods@northeastern.edu.


Emily Newell, Executive Director of Events

Emily Newell is a second-year Political Science major with a minor in Arabic, from Saratoga Springs, New York. She is involved in the Legal Argumentation Club, Jumpstart, and Army ROTC. In SGA, Emily is responsible for planning and putting on SGA-sponsored events as well as co-chairing the Communications and Events Committee. If you are interested in joining the Communications and Events Committee, feel free to stop by 202 Hastings on Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm during the Fall and Spring semesters, all are welcome! To reach Emily please stop by committee or email her at e.newell@northeastern.edu.


Casey Buttke, Chief of Staff

Casey is a second year criminal justice and political science student from Toronto, Canada with minors in philosophy and mathematics. She loves taking photographs all over the world, meeting new people, and finding adrenaline rushes (skiing, hiking, kayaking, you name it!). As Chief of Staff, she is in charge of working between members of the associations to assist with clerical tasks including updates, roster management, and finance, as well as being responsible for the recruitment and training of new senators. Looking to contact her directly to provide feedback or ask a question? You can email her at buttke.l@husky.neu.edu


Karl Salvatore, Parliamentarian

Fun Fact: Maria started cooking when she was 7 years old

Fun Fact: Maria started cooking when she was 7 years old

Maria Firan, Elections Chair

Maria is a third year civil engineering major with a minor in data science. As elections chair, Maria is responsible for revising the Direct Elections Manual, registering students to vote through NortheasternVotes, and overseeing the Student Body Elections. Additionally, she chairs the Elections Committee, which meets weekly to plan events and revise the DEM. In her free time, Maria enjoys cooking, trying new coffee shops, and exploring Boston. Looking to contact her directly to provide feedback or ask a question? You can email her at firan.m@husky.neu.edu

Russell Headshot

Russell Plumb, Director of Information Management


Noa Slotky, Sergeant-at-Arms

Noa is a third-year Pharmacy major with a minor in Psychology from New Jersey. She loves musicals, binge-watching Netflix, and traveling. She has been in SGA since her freshman year as an Academic Senator for Bouvé College of Health Sciences as well as participating in the American Pharmacist Association at Northeastern for the past year. As Sergeant-at-Arms, she keeps the Senate roster updates and makes sure that each senator is fulfilling their duties for the association. She is always looking for ideas to keep SGA running smoothly, so feel free to reach her directly at slotky.n@husky.neu.edu.