Finance Board

About the Board

The Finance Board has the responsibility of allocating the Student Activity Fee to student groups on campus. Every student organization that has been recognized by the Student Involvement Board and the Center for Student Involvement has the opportunity to request funding from the SAF Fund through the Finance Board. Groups can request funding for events, annual budgets, equipment, publications, conferences, competitions, or organization fees. Twelve members serve on the Board, six of whom are students at large and six of whom are academic Senators. The Board strives to fund student organizations in the most equitable way with greater emphasis on events that encourage collaboration between student organizations, events that mirror the student organization’s goal, and events that create the most value for the undergraduate student body.

Board Chair: Max Willner - Giwerc, Comptroller
Contact Email:
Meetings: Wednesdays, 6:00pm in 433 Curry Student Center
Office Hours: By Request in 332 Curry Student Center

The Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee is paid by all students each year and currently stands at $136.00, with a total annual value of over $2 million collected and subsequently
allocated to student groups. It is a fee paid by every undergraduate to enrich student life on campus for all.

Finance Board Funding Vision

In order to allocate the Student Activity Fee in a way that maximizes the benefit for all undergraduate students, who pay the annual fee, the Finance Board looks to promote an environment where:

  • Collaboration is emphasized in the interest of promoting campus unity and higher quality events,

  • Events catering to large groups of students are balanced with those which cater to a smaller number,

  • Funding shall be spread out among a variety of organizations to ensure quality events in all facets of campus life,

  • Funding shall be distributed to promote long-lasting and sustainable operations.