About the Senate

The legislative branch of the Association is composed of the Senate, which is charged with expressing the will of the general student body, and from which all authority vested in the Association is derived.

Any full-time undergraduate student can be a Senator through the nomination process. Students may represent an academic college or school (as an academic Senator), or a recognized student organization (as a special interest Senators). There is no limit to the number of Senators who can serve at any one time, except that there must be two academic Senators for every one special interest Senators.

The Senate has the powers and responsibilities to:

  • Represent the voice of the student body

  • Recommend to the University President proposed legislation for approval or rejection regarding University life, policies, and concerns of the student body

  • Approve the Association’s budget

  • Override an Executive veto

  • Approve the solicitation of donations and any other resources from students by or for any outside organization

  • Impeach an Executive officer from the Association

  • Retain all other powers vested in the Association not specifically reserved by the Constitution and Bylaws