Student Involvement Board

About the Board

The Student Involvement Board represents the consensus of the Northeastern student organization community, and serves as the Student Government Association’s official liaison to student organizations. The Board advises the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement in all matters pertaining to student organizations.

Board Chair: Keiler Dunbar, Vice President for Student Involvement
Contact Email:
Meetings: Wednesdays at 6:00pm in 435 Curry Student Center

The Board works in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement to approve changes in student organization constitutions, grant final recognition to new student organizations, foster communication and collaboration among student organizations and serve as a student-to-student organizational resource. The Board also performs student organization office space allocations and provides oversight of the Finance Board regarding student organization budget allocations.

The Board is governed by the Student Involvement Board Manual as well as the Student Organization Approval and Revision Manual, both of which are approved first by the Student Involvement Board and then by the Senate.

Creating a Student Group

To find the steps for creating a new student group on campus, visit CSI's website here.